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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's have a lesson in Pronouncing...

I've got my new melody..but still no lyrics...Hopefully will cum up wif dat soon..

Aniwaes...I've received a few comments recently regarding my "wrong" pronounciation of the word "en" in d word "en bloc" during an interview i did recently on Suria.....K 1st tings 1st, i did dat interview juz b4 d Live recording of Pesta Pesta Pesta,hence explaining for dat flat hair dat i had to have for my role as d Ringmaster...Ok...So i was approached to do an interview to talk about my role in d new ch5 drama "En Bloc" which is now showing every wednesday...I obliged..Dis is how dey asked me.."Fauzie,mari buat interview pasal pasal ur role in en bloc"...N dey pronounced it as en as in "end" instead of d correct pronounciation of "on" in "en bloc"..And dis got me confused..Coz I had been pronouncing d correct way b4 dis..But wen u get ur in interviewer saying it d wrong way so many times in an interview, u tend to follow blindly..N dat was wat happened!..I din realise I was following how dey say it coz I was concentrating on d actual content of d interview,which was more important to me at dat point of time..So hopefully dis will help to explain bout dat honest mistake on my part...Yes, i was wrong but I had my reasons..N dun wori peepz..I do noe how to pronounce it correctly...=D

K wif dat out of d way....Since we're already on d topic of En Bloc..Dun 4get to catch Wednesday's episode,16 April coz i'm finally going to appear again..Haha..U'll catch me in d last 3 episodes starting from tomoro..So..Watch kkkkkkk..Hehe..;p

No difference....None at all..N i'm getting used to it..Heh..

Yay!2moro ade bende nak buat...Well..Kinda..Haha..


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