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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who is Fauzie Laily?

I thot i'd start by introducing myself...

I was born Muhammad Fauzie Laily Bin Ramlaili but later on I'm better known as Fauzie Laily after I got myself involved in d entertainment scene.How did it all start.......??..Read on...

Fauzie Laily was juz a regular kid in Singapore who spends his time hanging out wif his frens,playing sports,besides making himself busy wif school..But all dat changed in 2003.He joined a singing competition organized by MediaCorpTV12 Suria Channel called Anugerah n reached the quarter-finals stage.He already had a deep passion for singing since he was in primary school so the interest was already der all d while.Anugerah 2003 was his first ever singing competition dat he joined n wat followed was a stint in backup singing in 2004.For Konsert Solo 2004, Fauzie n three other backup singers were put together as a group n gained valuable experience in performing when they worked with renowned artistes from Malaysia(Ruffedge,Phyne Ballerz,Yasin,Ning Baizura just to name a few).

In 2005, Fauzie worked hard in improving his vocals n after the experience of backup singing, he tried his luck again in Anugerah. This time, it proved to be a better time 4 him n he emerged 2nd runner up.He was immediately signed up by Suria's Artiste Management Unit(AMU) n his journey in d entertainment scene took off from der.

The four finalists of Anugerah 2005 proved to be a success when dey received a massive following and fans nvr failed to gather in der hundreds every time dey had a performance or made an appearance.In early 2006,they created history when their concert at Harbour Pavilion was sold out and attended by at least 5000 fans.This was a record as this was d first time a concert by a Malay local act was sold out,attended by thousands of ticket-paying viewers.

After that,each of the finalists all worked on their solo careers, including Fauzie. Ever since den, Fauzie Laily has also dabbled into acting and hosting, while continuing his passion in singing. He has worked with d likes of KRU in Malaysia and was also lucky enough to be given a chance to record a single titled "Selalu" which is featured in the compilation album under KRU Records called "Ini Baru Power 2".He was also d opening act during KRU's 10th year anniversary concert held in Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur in 2006.He won Best Newcomer in Acting in Pesta Perdana 2006 for his role in the drama Teman,Anugerahku(Pesta Perdana is a popular awards show held every 2 years in Suria).N he has also starred in other dramas notably Rahsia Perkahwinan 2, where he worked under d direction of Mr. U-Wei Hj Shaari, a well known director from Malaysia popular for his works such as Perempuan,Isteri Dan ........... and Wangi Jadi Saksi, just to name a few.

Fauzie Laily got into d world of hosting wen he was given d chance to host Anugerah 2007, a competition he joined juz 2 years before, alongside popular host Nurul Aini.And his most recent work as a host was in Pesta Pesta Pesta 2008, another popular awards show in Suria.

Currently, Fauzie Laily is still serving his National Service(NS) till October 2008 n d immediate plans for him after finishing his NS is to further his career as a singer,performer,actor n host in Malaysia.

N thru dis blog, Fauzie Laily wishes to share his dreams and aspirations n also wishes to let people noe him more, as an artiste,a person, a brother and a simple guy...

So WELCOME 2 FAUZIE LAILY'S WORLD...............................................................................


Anonymous irfunny said...



i know.its too late for a comment but


tc & get well soon lahh dude!

April 10, 2008 at 12:47 AM  

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