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Saturday, May 3, 2008

D one wif d weird(wierd?) cravings at nite..

A few days have passed since my last entry..well...nuthing much's happening so not much to blog abt..d feeling's still numb but i'll be fine..i juz wish i can get out more..n you....ask me out more k!!!haha..oh yeah..i'm truly overjoyed dat my team is goin to be in d Champions League finals..n couple dat wif d last 2 games of d season it's gonna be an interesting last few weeks of football for me..Yay!..

Hmm..i've been staying home alot but funnily,i've lost weight!!..Kurus man..haha..maybe bcoz of d fact dat i dun realli eat proper dinner wen i'm at home..but ironically,i have weird cravings everytime it's late at nite..now i juz feel like having a half spring chicken meal!..how weird is dat??..but sedapkan..dat crunchy chicken,d fries..wif chilli sauce..WOW!!..k i'm hungry but i'm depending on d keropok in front of me for now..jadi lahh!!..(my spelling of weird betul ke??ke wierd eh?..ok brain not working..:p)

2moro is AIM...Aliff is nominated,,n i'd like to wish him all d best..make us proud boy!..wen will my time come??..praying hard dat tings go smoothly for me dis comin months..it's been a testing 2 months for me but i hope everyting fits nicely again wen i'm all ok n well..praying hard for dat..

Updates on my singing??..Hmm..well i'm hoping to start working on a few songs dat's already available real soon..hope everyone involves makes time soon coz i sure do have lotsa time on my hands now..haha..N on my acting??..Well, d last episode of En Bloc was shown on Wed n i appeared in one scene only!!..n my line was.."...."BYE"..."..Dat was it!!ahahah..sori to those who expected more scenes from me..d previous episode had more of my scenes..But dat's done now..N suddenly i miss acting too!!..haha..oh well we'll see wat's in store for me dis comin months..

I'm realli contemplating on a new hp...How??..to buy or not to buy??...decisions decisions..hmm..wat else??..oh yeah..fish n co. yesterdae was real nice..n damn filling too!!..k nxt up is manhattan fish market..heard it's better n cheaper so we shall see soon..n wat do i have up dis comin week???...firstly n most importantly...i'm gonna have my cast taken out...finally!!!after 6 blardy weeks..but still have to be on crutches lah even tho no more cast..but hey..better den nuthing rite..?..slowly does it..heh..but one tings for sure..can't wait to wear slippers or shoes on BOTH sides of my feet again!!..hahah...
n do u guys notice dis past few days have been realli hot??...bahang nak mampos..n wif my hair yg dah tak terurus ni makes it worst!..so it's time for a new haircut!!!!Abg Omar!!!!!


Blogger lyn maritza said...

heyyheyy Fauzie..

funny la you.. betul la the spelling the one without the bracket.. hehe..

Aliff get nominated again?? wow!! Baik uh dat boy.. Hope he make us all proud ehh fauzie??

Anywae, Jomm fauzie gi ecp?? Im goin to ecp later got bbq.. nk ikut?? huahuahuahua!!

And yah.. the whether is so damn HOT!! bahang nk mamp0s.. i feel like juz cutting my hair short.. haha..

kk fauzie.. take care

May 3, 2008 at 11:29 AM  
Anonymous YOUUUUU! said...

brain dead, i soo know. *roll eyes*
it's spellllllled weird.
pandai pun............


ha ha.:)

May 3, 2008 at 1:05 PM  

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