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Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's been 2 days since i turned 24 n what a week i have had!

On the eve of my birthday, 19th of March 2009, i was given a surprise celebration at Sedap Corner in Simpang Bedok where all the lovely fans(decked in YELLOW)
and also my loved ones came to celebrate it with me. I was tricked into thinking that d event I was attending was actually a Kelentang Kelentung wrap party. I didn't have a clue dat everything was pre-planned almost a month before my birthday n since I was already in my lazy-slack-birthday mode, u can imagine how much of a drag it was for me to actualli attend the "wrap-party" in the first place. But hey, NO REGRETS now...=)

I wanna give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Wani, Wana and Noorool for planning all dis...n not forgetting Khai too...all of u have put in so much effort in making my 24th a blast!
Thank u so so very much much from d bottom of my heart.....

N also not to forget the other fans who came n contributed to that special day...
SV- I love the notebook,it's fabulous..Nice work n all d best for S.V Creationz.
Jamilah MinahTJ- U've always been a very good supporter of me and also the other local singers.Thank u!
Azie- I will remember u now coz of ur neat handwriting!!!!..hahahaha...thank u babe..
Irah- all d way from woodlands to bedok..awwww..thank u...c u on d 29th..=)
The sisters,Kathy n Nisa-Thanx for being der even tho u two are Angels at heart..hehehehe...
Lyn Maritza-Thanx for switching ur allegiance dat day k,sesekali pakai kuning ok kan?kalo permanent Yellow-fied urself lagi best..;p
Liyana-Thank u for following ur sister's footsteps...nanti i'll kirimkan salam Wan Arshard..hehe
Aqidah-Thank for ur strong support n not forgetting ur frequent requests for "Izinkan" on radio..Terima kasih!!!

Fauzierettz are slowly growing and i feel very very blessed...

To my lovely frens..
Shariff-Thank u Abg Long...u'll always be like a big brother to me..=)
Khai n Lela- Khai, i noe u've been of much help..thanx alot bro...n lela, so sweet of u to take off from ur work..awww..thank u babe..
Rahmad n Kinah-U guys rawkkkkkkkkkkk...u noe i love u guys...
Tengku n Keshia-Tengz,thanx for not blurting out d surprise haha n Keshia,am so happy to see u back...=)..Thanx guys..
Shikin-Thank u Cik Bunga...;p
Janna-Thank u babe n Hapi B'dae to u too on d 28th..
Fairus n frens-Dari jauh korang datang,diriku cukup terharu..hehe..thanx dudes!!!
Kai Cina n Mar- U two will always be d crazy ones n i love it!!!!...thanx k..
Ahmad-Thanx alot bro n hidup Singtel n Songkok!!!!..woohoo...

Alex,Din,Jean,Shake,Kak Sharifah----I'm running out of words coz i'm too touched....u guys are d best!!!...THANK YOU!

Chef Bob n all the staff at Sedap Corner-Thank u for letting us use d place n may ur business grow bigger n better in this near future..Insyaallah..Thanx all!!

Not to forget,those who didn't manage to attend but also contributed in one way or another..especially d notebook done in JB...IT"S D BOMB!!..

to YOU who made d effort...

Thank YOU!

To all d birthday wishers,be it on FB or elsewhere......thank u guys too....

Thank you ALL for ur presence and all the gifts...I LOVE EVERYTHING!




Anonymous nur's said...

happy birthday fauzy

March 23, 2009 at 12:01 AM  
Anonymous SFOGSzeRo.com said...

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March 23, 2009 at 12:38 AM  
Blogger ~smiles said...

i spot my name!! hhaa!!
heyhey.. irah not dhe only one from woodlands to bedok kay.. hhaa!!
had fun tat day lar..
especially dhe candle suprise!!
kekek sey.. hhaa!!
love ya!! (:

March 27, 2009 at 12:01 AM  

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