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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fauzie Laily at SPH n 70an Gerek!

Hey lovely readers....

Sori for not updating lately coz i have not been feeling too well and was quite bz wif a few stuffs..I promise i'll post up a review of my "Fauzie//Closer" showcase held recently at Mayuni Omar Music Cafe soon...I'm also open to reviews from YOU readers...So, to those who came to the showcase,do email me your own review of "Fauzie//Closer" showcase n i shall post up all reviews on this blog of mine...

Email to: fuzzy_ly@yahoo.com.sg

I will also not forget to credit d sender of d review n his/her blog...I'm waiting...=)

On another good note,

This Thursday,9th of April 2009(which is also my sister's bdae..happy bdae Kak!), I will be performing alongside Najip Ali n Rilla Melati for the Mini Monsters roadshow at Singapore Press Holdings auditorium..I will be singing my own version of an old-time kids song entitled Keluarga Berbudi..Adverts have been out d whole week in Berita Harian...Check it out..

And on Saturday,11th of April 2009, do come down for d studio recording of 70an Gerek at Medicorp Studio 1....Why?...Coz I was chosen as a guest performer n I will be singing a duet wif popular 70's singer, Effa Rizan..How Exciting!!!!...My mum said she was very pretty in d 70's wif her famed mole on her cheek so it will be an interesting one for me..Have always enjoyed performing alongside seasoned veterans as I noe I'll be learning alot from them..an honour for me...And d bonus is, Fazura is one of d hosts..am a fan so wanna take picture lahhhh...Muahahahaha...=)

Hope to see Fauzierettz at d shows...Ur cheers will definitely give me d boost as always...Let's Get Rockin'!


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