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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fauzie//Closer Review by Wan Husniyah

Hey ya...Since I had done a short review of this event in my blog, it will be gd if I share it wif you guys too wif a lil bit longer review.

Alritez, it's a Sun afternoon and as planned went to Fauzie's first showcase wif the fans of him @ MOMC.We reached on time...woohoo. And at tht point of time, Fauzie was being interviewed by the Suria's crew. Upon reaching, got ourselves a postcard and a poster of him. Nice one...I loike! The moment, the performance gonna start...it was raining outside. Yeah, but no worries,hujan itu Rahmat...! And it's a indoor event,so no prob wif tht.

It was kinda full house event...yeap, and as been knew tht, a color code for Fauzierettz was yellow. I could see many of his fans, frens and families were in yellow. But I got to say tht, sorry Fauzie, I'm not in yellow uh...coz I dun own a nice yellow top in my closet. Kinda weird, haha...will have 1 soon ok. But nevertheless I did try to find a top wif a lil bit of yellow strip on it. Lol...

Just when it all started...the atmosphere became hotter when Fauzie sang 'Inikah Cinta' as his first song. All the songs that he sang on tht day were great.

The bossa version of 'Selalu', the medley of 'Mahakarya Cinta' & 'Sampai Syurga', 'Lagu Kita' and 'Izinkan' were my favouritez. And yea not forgotten, the duet done by him and his bro,Faris Laily was awesome too. They sang 'Ordinary People'. And ya, I so recognized Faris, hehe...coz he's in RP too.

In between the performances, there were some interactive session too. There's a game tht involve everyone to take part and we need to simply answer the qns posed by Fauzie. Winners will get themselves some chocolates...There's when many funny moments happened...

1st Qns: In which yr, the Single 'Selalu' came out? Actually, I knew the ans, haha but shy arh. :P

2nd Qns: Which football team tht Fauzie don't like??? After someone ans it, there's when Fauzie himself said...not Liverpool but Liverfool. Haha...

3rd Qns: Since he's giving away an extra choco to the winner, it's lil bit tricky and cool qns...What's Mr Manager of Fauzie, Alex's real name??? Great laughter for tht...haha,and now many pple knew it. And all the way, Alex was being called by his real name.

Actually they gonna showed us the video clip of 'Izinkan' but there's a lil technical prob, and they continue wif the lucky draw. The prizes were not bad too especially the first prize one...received the big poster of him. And the lucky winner was Siti Hawa. Congrats!

After the performance ended, had a break for awhile and they then continued with the autograph and photograph session wif the man himself. Join the queue a lil bit late and so we were the last few.

And finally, the last words, I'm gonna say...for those who didn't able to turn up for it were so wasted coz I thought the tix is worth it. Yea, hopefully there's more similar event coming out in the future. But no matter wat, I'll wish that Fauzie will be more success in his singing career and other talents tht he had. I'm awaits for his album. Stay cheerful as always,FAUZIE!. :)


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