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Friday, December 4, 2009

Fauzie Laily in Rapsodi Hitz '09

Catch Fauzie Laily in Rapsodi Hitz '09..
A collaboration of artistes from Singapore and Brunei Darulsallam..
Fauzie Laily will be hosting the show alongside his co-host from Brunei, Mell..
Also catch the likes of Sarah Aqilah, Kunjung, Imran Ajmain, Sleeq, Merah from Singapore and also our talented counterparts from Brunei as we work together to give a good show to both Singapore and Brunei viewers..

Rapsodi Hitz '09 will be aired LIVE from Mediacorp TV Theatre, Friday, 4th Dec 09, 8 30pm on Suria and RTB2!!!


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